We are Fateen Group Highly Reputed and Government Approved Company in Bangladesh, The Fateen Group is engaged in building a world of happiness, peace, and prosperity through its honest and sincere efforts by developing products, services, and facilities in the areas Air Services (International & Domestic Air Ticketing), Fish & Poultry Projects, Real Estates, Human Resource Management. With its manifold enterprises’ and multi-pattern activities and its ever-expanding activities in hand and its commitments in new fields, the Group desires installation of a sound economic structure for the Country which is urgently needed for the prosperous growth of the nation.

Our motto is to serve and always endeavor to serve better through Participation in all Steps, Partnership with Clients, Teamwork, Commitment, Project Teams, Human Resources and above all Vision for Tomorrow. So, our Group encourages the use of local talents with an admixture of foreign know how and technology. Due to its efforts a good number of unemployed but educated young people had access to the skilled training and knowledge in various trades. With a sizable retinue of experts and professionals in its roll, the Group has plans and programs to create a real thrust in structuring a development friendly environment in Bangladesh. In fine, we want to contribute our knowledge and experience towards national progress and prosperity now and always Through its wide network of associates,

We build business relationships by serving better.